Created by and dedicated to merchants

Through an open and universal payment and identification platform, we help merchants identify and serve the consumer at all touch-points, accept all types of payments and enable the development of great shopping experiences.

The future of

The merchant’s greatest challenge is continuing to improve its close relationship and dialogue with the consumer. Retail Payment enables safe and effective consumer identification and authentication, regardless of identifier, providing a basis for tailored two-way communication and utilization of Internet of Things (IoT).

The future of

Increased numbers of payment options create costly and complex payment situations both for merchants and consumers. Retail Payment offers a secure payment platform that accepts every form of payment methods from everyone, providing a basis for seamless payments for the consumer and satisfying settlement and reconciliation for the merchant.

Friendly, secure
and efficient

By making payments and identification consumer friendly, secure and efficient, we enable a unique platform built in the best interest of both merchants and consumers. We are addressing both the front-end and back-end of the merchant experience, regardless of time, space or location.

World-leading partners

Together with our technology partners, we will deliver tomorrow’s de facto infrastructure for payment and identification services. With basis in open standards, world-class technology and mature processes, we are compliant by design. Security efforts are embedded in all activities, covering application security, supporting processes and awareness measures.

Dedicated to merchants

Retail Payment was founded by merchants to deliver cost effective and creative solutions for different means of identification and payments in both the physical and the digital commerce space. Unlike current offerings from the payment industry, Retail Payment develop services in close partnership with merchants. These services are easier, safer and more cost efficient to deploy.


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