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Norway is home to the world’s most secure and efficient payment system. This is an advantage that we want to maintain, and also inspire to internationally. An increasing number of new payment methods, including mobile apps and contactless payment cards, challenges this position and creates costly and complex situations for both consumers and merchants. By building on today’s payment infrastructure, Retail Payment's ambition is to solve this problem by offering an open omni-channel acceptance platform that accept everything, from everyone.

Accept everything from everyone

A payment platform that accepts everything, from everyone in a seamless manner, will solve a costly and complex situation for both consumers and merchants.

Friendly, secure and efficient

By making payments customer-friendly, secure and efficient, an open omni-channel acceptance platform for payment is in the best interest of both consumers and merchants.

The future of payments

We want to manage today’s and tomorrow's de facto standard payment infrastructure by offering a secure handling of identification, payment and settlement.

World-leading partners

Together with our technology partners we will manage the de facto standard infrastructure for future payments. Through this truly unique partnership, the next generation of payment terminals will be leveraged based on open standards and world-class technology for secure payments, digital identity, access management and payment gateway in a seamless manner.

Intel ∙ IBM ∙ Forgerock ∙ Verifone ∙ Capgemini

Extensive experience

Retail Payment’s customer base of major retail companies represent a significant proportion of payment transactions in the Nordic region. To ensure customer-friendly, low-cost and efficient payments, the infrastructure is built on the existing BankAxept payment network in Norway and similar domestic debit networks in other markets, enabling the use of contactless cards and mobile payment solutions.

Coop Norge ∙ NorgesGruppen ∙ Rema 1000 ∙ Reitan Convenience ∙ Umoe Restaurants ∙ Moods of Norway ∙ Varner Group

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